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4th Mar 2016

STEALTH Real Fruit Energy Gels awarded Runner's World UK 'Gear Pick of the Week'.

We're delighted to see the STEALTH Real Fruit Energy Gels awarded Runner's World UK 'Gear Pick of the Week'.

And the team were huge fans too, offering some fantastic feedback. They said:

'With a range of products covering all nutritional bases from caffeinated and isotonic energy gels to recovery, Team RW think these STEALTH gels are a must-try if you’re looking to pep up your fuel routine.

"It can be a bit of a gastrointestinal gamble trying a new gel brand. What goes down – and, crucially stays down – best is quite personal,” says Runner’s World Deputy Editor Joe Mackie. “A pre-run examination of the ingredients list is reassuring – all the essentials, but with minimal added nasties - and on a hilly 21-miler they performed well, delivering the necessary boost. Zero digestive issues and the taste was a revelation: great flavours (I tried the Banana and the Mango & Passion Fruit) without the cloying chemical aftertaste you get with some gels. Even if you already have your own tried-and-tested gel of choice, these are definitely worth experimenting with."

Digital Editor Ben Hobson agrees on the flavour front: “Flavours were accurate and pretty tasty, plus they didn’t taste synthetic.” And when it comes to recovery, Stealth has it covered conveniently – “Having a recovery gel makes race day a bit easier instead of transporting powder and a shaker.”

Convenient, tasty and easy on the insides? Perfect.

STEALTH nutrition products start at £1.25 for a single gel and £17.50 for a multipack'.