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6th Aug 2014

Nikki talks about how she uses Nordic Oil to support her training and racing

We love this feature by Compete PR's triathlon superstar Nikki Bartlett, which features on the PT Magazine website.
As an active ambassador for the brand, Nikki explains why she takes Nordic Oil omega 3 to support her training and racing, and the help it has given her this year. Check it out!

"Nordic Oil is a high-grade Omega 3 supplement, not only this, but supplying Vitamin D/D3 to accompany the omega 3 products. I use the omega 3 capsules mainly, to ‘top up’ my omega 3 stores to support my training and racing demands. However, I do use 1 x teaspoon of Nordic Oil in my green smoothies, a great way to top up omega 3 stores. For me, and like many individuals, it is hard to take in the right amount of fish in our daily and weekly diet through food, so supplementing is the best way to ensure you are getting in enough omega 3 (an essential fatty acid) within the diet.

I take two capsules a day, consistently, and this helps keep my immune system healthy and cope with the stressors I place on my body during training 27-35 hours per week. I tend to slightly increase my supplements after a competition, just for a few days, to help reduce the inflammation in my muscles caused from racing.

Nordic Oil also provides Omega 3 and Vitamin D3 capsules that I take regularly through the winter, to make sure my bones, joints and muscles stay healthy, getting in my ‘sunshine’ vitamin! So far, with taking regular Nordic Oil supplements, I have stayed clear from illness for nearly one year.

The main reason behind this is that Nordic Oil is full of quality high-grade omega 3 ingredients, with no added preservatives. Sourced and derived carefully from selected fish sources in deep, clear water, including anchovies, herring and sardines. Triple filtered, infused with anti-oxidants to ensure freshness. With absolutely no artificial flavouring or colours, ensuring the customer is getting the very best on the market.

Nordic Oil has a lovely subtle lemon flavor, whilst the capsules don’t taste of anything, nor have a ‘fishy’ smell. So the supplements are perfect for those who don’t actually like fish!

Nordic Oil website: http://www.nordicoil.co.uk

Nordic Oil ambassadors: http://www.nordicoil.co.uk/pages/our-ambassadors

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