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An experienced and dedicated Sports PR Consultancy specialising in triathlon, cycling and endurance sports.

About us

Compete PR was established in March 2012, by keen triathlete and cyclist Kate Allan (nee McNeill). Working as PR Manager at Decathlon UK, Kate recognised that the sport of triathlon was undergoing considerable growth, and so went on to work as PR Manager at IRONMAN UK before being a part of the core Triathlon LOCOG team at the London 2012 Olympics.

Following the Olympics Kate decided to set herself up as an independent PR Consultant specialising in the sport in which she had become incredibly well connected and experienced in. An expert in triathlon, cycling, running and endurance sports; Kate works with a range of different clients and deliver a bespoke and high quality level of service.

Our team

Kate Allan (McNeill)

Founder - Compete PR

Kate is the founder of Compete PR, and an age group triathlete and cyclist. 

She is fiercely competitive, by her own admission and enjoys nothing more than a little bit of gentle 'pool rage'.

Email: kate@competepr.com

Twitter: @katemcneill16

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